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The Future Success of your restaurant starts now

Is there a reason why you wouldn't get new customers,
drive repeat business and create a database

problems we solve for restaurant


My team makes sure people know about your restaurant. While you can't deposit "likes" in the bank, we make sure you get them, create more engagement, views, shares, impressions and your organic reach will grow. 

create a database 

Why do you think Facebook bough Instagram? Because they had users (database). The team will gather emails, phone numbers, profiles, retargeting, messenger for you to keep. 


Sales are the life and blood of any business. We track who walked in, what offer they use and how much they spent. In other words, we show you Return On Investment. 

Increase Check average

By inviting people to try items they usually don't order. Not taking them for granted as customers. People feel valued when you give them something special they haven't tried. 

Customer nurture

Why is important? Because 60% of your first time customers never go back to your restaurant. With our process we make sure we create conversations down the road to invite them back.

Digital loyalty program

Our team goes to work for you to make sure your customers feel appreciated through our loyalty program that tracks sales and visits digitally. Step into the future now. 

Some numbers to consider

60% Plus

of customers lost due to lack of marketing

86 out of 100

Millennials will try a restaurant they saw online


Are the new way to create sales


Of messages seen or opened on Messenger


Of restaurants are turning to technology

Here's What our clients Are Saying About My Proven System

This System gets you new and repeat business while building a database to create sales

Esteban Valencia

Rock Creek Pizza

Viviana S.

Our Kitchen Café

Juve is motivated and a very hard working individual. He is dynamic in his ideas, using his expertise to help small business owners like me. It's always a pleasure working with him. Highly qualified and great individual with a heart and passion for serving others. 

Kimberly & Jesus 

Papito Moe's Boricua Restaurant 

I've been in the restaurant industry for many years and Juve has delivered more than other can. I highly recommend him to implement his services for your restaurant.

Pepe Aguirre

Restaurant Manager

Juve is on the leading edge of customer acquisition and marketing methods. Highly recommend.

Ryan Howe

Amazing service and very knowledgeable, he really cares for a positive outcome for his clients. Thank you Juve for all the benefits you brought to my business. 

Gaby Nunez

Juve has been extremely consultative and helpful. He has opened the door to many opportunities for our small business and truly cares about helping us grow. We highly recommend him!

Indu Sudhakar Askins

What can I say about Juve Hernandez other than... What an elite spirit and talented man! I was introduced to him to have him help me with social media marketing. That isn't even close to what Juve can do! He built my website, linked all my social media accounts, has guided me on promo videos, counsels me on webinars and master classes. I now have him running my ad campaigns, my analytics and click funnels. He is one of the greatest golden nuggets on my team! I am so fortunate to work with him. He has become a great friend as well. Recommend him... 1000%!

RG Williams

Juve is very professional and focused on giving his best to every client. His knowledge in Marketing is above the industry, he is capable of bringing new ideas all the time. I highly recommend Juve Hernandez as a marketer, community manager, most importantly, as a specialist in marketing for restaurants or any other hospitality business in general. 

Omar Dominguez

CEO- Spicy Consulting

Juve is very professional and effective when it comes to creating campaigns for restaurants with demonstrable ROI 

Laura Silva


All of the insights & tips on this page are at the head of the digital space!

Dauda Kondeh Jr.

Restaurant Digital Marketing

MUY SATISFECHA con la asesoría para que mi negocio crezca, estoy sorprendida de los Excelentes Resultados, a penas comienzo a seguir tus maravillosos Tips de Negocios


Geovana Aviles

CEO- Reavive

Can’t say nothing but praises about Juve. His a knowledgeable, driven and kind entrepreneur. Beyond his skills as a marketer, he always figures out a way to add extra value to all the people and businesses he works with.

Alfonso Ayala

I have never met someone that puts other first more than Juve. If you are in the food industry and looking for marketing automation help, I recommend Juve. He also was invaluable for Tacofest to succeed in 2019


Entrepreneur- Tacofest

Juve Hernandez has been extremely helpful with connecting to others in his space, he will go over and beyond as he has for me by contacting me with individuals that are in my space as well. I can’t agree enough how important it is to have an entrepreneur in the Restaurant relationship industry and even self development opportunities that juve currently is doin daily. I believe juve has got what it takes to be a leader in this space and I’m happy to be in business with juve in my Bio-Degradable business, such a green future and thank you juve for your expertise and professionalism and solid connections. LETS GROWWW!! =)=)

Dillon Damron

CEO- Wasatch Sellers

Miguel Sanchez

Knowing Juve Hernandez and his company has changed our vision with our company. He is an excellent professional and great person who has helped us day in and day out. Thank you so much for everything

Luis Farfan

Great entrepreneur and marketer! Always in pursuit of new ideas and new and creative ways to work. Thank you for your support and brilliance!

Adriana Rios

Juve is kind and professional, he goes out of his way to help his clients. For what I have observed when working with him is he does his job with passion and putting his client's benefit first in mind, and not only to make money for his end. In fact, I can say money for himself is the least in his ind when putting together a plan for the client. He knows what he is doing and enjoys every moment. 

Luis balaguer

Amazing lead generation services! Juve has a system that provides amazing results in no time. If you are on the fence on getting his services, think no more! Thank you Juve. 

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Enter your details below to get instant access to [enter lead magnet name here]

We process your personal data as stated in our Privacy Policy. You may withdraw your consent at any time by clicking the unsubscribe link at the bottom of any of our emails.